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Project Overview

Veriflow needed to help with their branding, marketing materials, and digital identity for a new product they were developing. We got to know their services, customers, and goals and created a well-rounded brand package to help them gain funding and traction in the “Network Outages and Vulnerabilities” space.


Veriflow came to HUSL with a lackluster and outdated brand that needed revamping to attract attention to the brand with both visual and content messaging. The challenge was to present themselves as a trusted, comprehensive, modern leader in the breach prevention industry.


HUSL helped to redefine their brand, visual identity and build a scalable design system. Our designers developed innovative solutions for: web, mobile, print, slideshows, and social media. All deliverables are built on a core style guide to ensure brand consistency across the different media.

million in series A funding
increase in site traffic 3 months after launch
conversion rate in the first week after launch

Developing the brand

HUSL created a comprehensive brand that positioned Veriflow as a leader in the marketplace, which helped them gain funding to further grow their product. HUSL established key visual brand elements, which included a logo, typography, colors, style guide and additional elements. In addition, market research, competitive analysis, sketching, UX/UI design and visual brand development was done in order to ensure everything developed was on brand and aligned with the business goals. The site has been built in two phases with the initial phase focused on establishing the brand in the marketplace. As the company grew and matured, HUSL partnered with the Veriflow team for the second phase that focused on a more targeted user experience and streamlined messaging to better reflect the evolution of the Veriflow brand.

Creating Wireframes

HUSL drives results. They helped us reach our funding goals faster than we ever could have imagined. They were diligent in all aspects of the project and helped us make our vision come true.

James Brear, President & CEO

Designing the UI

We took a forward-thinking, tech-focused approach to developing the sites UI. Strong use of color creates a visually striking presence and memorable experience for the user. We leveraged some interactive technologies to make the page come alive: a video banner, animated transitions, parallaxing content, tabs, carousels, zooming and scaling. The layout of the site was designed to give each section of the page proper hierarchy and allow for a visual narrative that guides the user through the page. Typography became a strong branding element on the site. The font family ‘Kelson Sans’ was carefully chosen to set Veriflow apart in the digital security industry, and brings character to the content.

Responsive Design
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Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
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Custom Web Design