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Project Overview

Opus handles large scale financial clients accounts and needed their brand to reflect that. HUSL was asked to create a new brand identity and position them as trusted leaders in the “KYC”, Know Your Customer Compliance space.


Our design team got to know Opus and their user’s goals. We aimed to develop a comprehensive brand identity for digital and print, marketing materials, and a well planned digital experience.


Our process guided them through a project discovery, brand research/exploration/delivery, print design, marketing collateral, custom icons and illustrations, and responsive website design.

Building the brand

An active mark made up of well balanced concentric circles draws the eye into the center. The convergence of the circles represent the diverse product offerings working together. Bringing the shapes together creates a metaphor of multiple products/businesses working together. A rounded, condensed, sans-serif typeface was chosen to echo the circle shapes in the mark. The typeface ‘Neris’ was chosen to give unique character to the brand name, and build upon the curves of the logo mark. Bright colors, bold contrasts, clean typography, sleek and simple illustrations, curvy design elements, and a minimalist approach to their layout provides the Opus brand a cohesive system to work with.

Creating Wireframes

Designing the UI

The Opus UI leverages a scalable design system that provides a clear visual hierarchy, flexible grid layouts, clean design aesthetic, bold use of color, sophisticated typography, custom icons and illustrations, and a unified look and feel for their blogs and resources. We found creative ways to use the data and stats in infographics to inform their users. The use of color is very intentional and limited throughout the site to help build a clear design language for when, where, why a particular color is used. We also used: numbers, stats, type treatments, and customized graphics for the foundation for messaging on their website. This took the shape of infographics in some cases, where we were able to visually tell a story through their data.

Custom Illustrations
Responsive Design
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Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
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Custom Web Design