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Project Overview

Chartboost is a mobile games-only technology platform for game developers to market their products online. They approached us with the need for a new website, with a twist: they needed to be able to easily modify existing pages and create new ones with unique designs and layouts. Not only did we deliver modular functionality, but in-site language translations for Russian, Chinese and Japanese, as well.


Chartboost needed a website that modernized their brand. This meant less primary colors and a deeper palette. Additionally, the redesign had to make content easier to navigate and digest for users. Finally, the products section needed to better speak to game developers about Chartboost’s full capacities.


Our design team got to know Chartboost and their user’s goals. We provided design direction for several flexible page templates that spoke directly to their customer needs. Maintaining brand consistency was important while offering a variety of layouts and treatments throughout the site.

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Unifying the brand

HUSL created a modern digital brand identity that leveraged a refined/simplified color palette. We explored muted secondary colors to create a more sophisticated look and feel, and gave their team flexibility in how they used color. We choose the typeface Proxima Nova for it’s clean/time-less characteristics, high legibility on screens, and range of font weights. Applying the new Chartboost brand opened up worlds of possibilities using grid based layouts, interactive elements, and playful illustrations.


Designing the UI

Chartboost had several unique website audiences to speak to, and also needed to future-proof their messaging and presentation, since technology changes so quickly. To ensure the greatest reach and appeal, we split-tested multiple homepage variations and custom graphic presentations that presented their service in a more mature, approachable style. The Discovery session revealed the need for an updated style guide, and we delivered just that. Custom graphics with flat design, more real-life pictures of the Chartboost team, and a card layout for easier content navigation were just a few of the new features that brought this website in-line with the company behind it.

Custom Graphics
Responsive Design
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Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
Datacore - Responsive Design
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Custom Web Design