Page Experience: Google’s Major New Ranking Factor for 2021

Google will be updating its core ranking algorithm in a big way for 2021, and most companies have no idea this is coming.


The new ranking factor is called Page Experience. It’s a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value.


Following Google’s announcement of the update in May 2020, Page Experience seems to be still relatively unknown.


Companies that are in the know will be able to secure a decisive first-mover advantage when Page Experience rolls out next year, and potentially see significant boosts in organic site traffic, leads, and revenue.


The new Page Experience ranking factor will evaluate websites and pages on a set of both new and existing metrics:


Why is Page Experience important?

Google’s announcement that this could impact your rankings is reason enough to pay attention to Page Experience. Still, it also should matter to your business because of its outsized impact on the user experience.

Google has stated that:

“In cases where there are multiple pages with similar content, page experience becomes much more important for visibility in search.”

If you are looking to grow your digital presence, improving your Page Experience means you will be playing both offense and defense when it comes to your SEO strategy. You’ll be capturing visibility from your competitors whose content is strong, but Page Experience is weak, and you’ll be preventing competitors from doing the same to you for the keywords you’re already ranking for.


Depending on the keywords you’re targeting, you could dramatically increase your organic visibility by ensuring that you have not only the best content but the best page experience as well.


Investing in a better Page Experience will pay dividends across your entire digital marketing strategy.  A better page experience means higher conversion rates and better customer experience for your web users overall.


Need help getting your Page Experience up to par in advance of the Google algorithm update? Get in touch with our SEO and UX experts to make sure you’re fully prepared to take advantage of the change.